No, you weren't dreaming.

Although you could be forgiven for somehow thinking that teams like the Dallas Chaparrals, Sacramento Gold Miners, Caribous of Colorado, Ohio Glory, San Diego Conquistadors, New York/New Jersey Hitmen, Bay Area CyberRays, Minnesota Fighting Saints, Philadelphia Bell, and San Francisco Fog were mere figments of your imagination. 

Or for believing leagues (and premises) with names like World Hockey Association, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, World Team Tennis, Continental Indoor Soccer League, International Volleyball Association, Roller Hockey International, or even "XFL" (which wasn't even an acronym) were mere flights of fictional fantasy, too.

But they were real, all right.

In fact, the history of North American professional sports is littered with scores of teams and leagues that, today, are mere fuzzy recollections in the minds of former players, patrons, broadcasters, and owner-dreamers. 

From troubled, eager-to-relocate franchises in established organizations like the NBA (really, the Utah Jazz?) or Major League Baseball (hint: look up "Youppi!"), to pioneering clubs comprising audacious, but often wobbly circuits like the World Football League, American Basketball Association, Major Indoor Soccer League, and Women's Professional Soccer -- teams of all shapes, sizes and suspicion have routinely come and gone from the pro sports landscape over the last century.

While they may be the forgotten footnotes of sports history, teams like the Seattle Pilots, New Jersey Gems, Pittsburgh Triangles, Indianapolis ABC’s, Virginia Squires, Chicago Blitz, Birmingham Americans, Oakland Seals, Washington Senators, New England Tea Men, New York Arrows, Rockford Peaches, and The Hawaiians have their place in the hearts and memories of fans from coast to coast.  Dozens of franchises and scores of leagues that, at one time or another, captured the fancy of sports fans in every major North American market – only to leave behind little more than a raft of souvenir ticket stubs and, in many cases, unpaid bills.

This podcast is dedicated to unearthing, reliving and preserving the rich stories behind the rise and fall of some of the most wild and woolly moments in (often forgotten) sports history.

And to provide some level of proof that you (and they) weren't dreaming after all.